StarPoint Advantage

The StarPoint Advantage

Why do small and medium size businesses choose StarPoint Advantage? How critical is it to select the right IT services company? Your company’s technology is front and center to running a successful business. Optimizing systems performance and accessibility is critical to surviving in today’s competitive marketplace. StarPoint Advantage has built its reputation helping San Diego County businesses with professional, personalized and strategic guidance to ensure IT aligns with your business goals. That reputation is built on the trust, integrity and experience of the professionals hired by StarPoint Advantage to be members of a reliable, accountable and responsible team. StarPoint Advantage uses state of the art industry practices to ensure that your systems are managed by professionals who take your business seriously. There are many IT services company that can provide management services. But have they hired the right people you can count on to deliver those services with best practices?

StarPoint Advantage is your outsourced IT Services department. We provide IT Leadership, Management Services, Project Management, and Consulting Services. You get a full time IT support staff at less than the cost of a single full time technician. More importantly, 24/7 monitoring of your systems is included to identify potential problems before they ever happen. A friendly local help desk awaits your call during extended business hours. We maximize system up time with state of the art backup, disaster recovery and documentation services. And we do this all for a competitive, flat monthly fee.

When it comes to emerging technologies such as cloud computing, desktop virtualization and mobile technologies, our clients look to StarPoint Advantage as a trusted partner that can explain the benefits and minimize the risks of implementation.