StarPoint Advantage

IT Services for the Legal Industry

Have you ever been in the middle of preparing a legal document and your computer stopped working? How much time did you lose? More importantly, how many billable hours did you lose? That doesn’t even include lost productivity and client goodwill that can be damaged when a firm can’t operate due to technical problems. If you’ve ever had your practice grind to a screeching halt because your server crashed, you must have some idea of the frustration and financial loss even if you haven’t put a pencil to figuring out the exact cost.

Providing attorneys access to their documents and data anytime and anywhere is more critical than ever before. No matter what case management system you’re using and no matter which mobile device, laptop or desktop you own, maximizing billable hours and increasing client satisfaction is a must for today’s successful law firm. To that end, law firms must use secure and reliable mobile computing technologies. More importantly, these technologies must be monitored 24/7 and secured from Internet threats.

If your system experiences downtime due to a power surge or energy outage, you need to be prepared for your client, court proceedings and depositions. Today’s law firm must plan for these unpredictable outages with secure and encrypted backup systems to maximize billable hours, keep staff on schedule and maintain client satisfaction.

StarPoint Advantage is the strategic IT Services partner for 20 San Diego County law firms. Our clients look to us to ensure their systems are reliable, secure and available 24/7. Our Management Services include both proactive and reactive support. Our team of professionals who deliver outstanding service built on trust, integrity and experience backs our solutions. And, we provide these services for less than the cost of full time in-house technician at a flat monthly fee.

You’re invited to learn more about how StarPoint Advantage sets the “bar” for outstanding IT service and support.