StarPoint Advantage

David J. Davis, CEO

David is responsible for StarPoint Advantage‘s strategic direction and is involved in the operational management of the business. David earned a B.S. in business administration from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas.

David’s career started with large, multinational corporations such as Vulcan Materials and then later for J.P. Morgan Chase where he gained valuable business experience and worked on a variety of technology projects spanning several years.

David’s keen interest in technology and his passion for superior service eventually led him to leave the corporate world of finance and into the world of technology start-ups in the early millennium.

David gained a wealth of experience with the growing pains that are typical of start up businesses with limited capital. After working for a variety of start up organizations, David discovered his true passion was helping his small business clients implement and support the technology critical to their operations.

In 2008, David founded StarPoint Advantage and serves as StarPoint Advantage‘s CEO. David has surrounded himself with a high performing and dedicated team of professionals. David is passionate about learning and adapting to a rapidly evolving world and values hard work, integrity and high expectations.


Ed Sternagle, Executive VP

Ed provides business management consulting services to small companies on a contract basis. Pursuing his passion to “help small companies grow”, he stresses practical, strategic approaches to optimize day-to-day business management achieving more rapid revenue and profit growth. He has operated a highly successful private consulting practice for more than 10 years.

Ed has consulted with the city of San Diego and other municipalities to help increase the efficiency and effectiveness of local government. He directed a consulting program that saved the city of San Diego over $150 million in less than 10 years.

Ed completed an assignment as the Executive Director of UC Riverside Connect. In that capacity, he coached entrepreneurs and CEOs of start-up and early stage companies for over three years to “connect” with resources they needed to be successful. During that period Mr. Sternagle built UC Riverside Connect to become a premier Inland Empire economic development organization. Ed has also represented Vistage, an international organization of more than 8,000 CEOs in 14 different countries. Mr. Sternagle acted as a Vistage Group Facilitator, coaching and mentoring CEOs in individual groups of 12 to 16 members.

During his career, Ed has accumulated 30 years of general business and technical management experience. He has started several high tech businesses and grown those to be successful, profitable companies. Ed has also held key senior management positions at several technology companies, including Computer Sciences Corp., Xerox, Hand Held Products, Ticketron, Sullivan International and Mitchell International. Ed is the inventor of a U.S. business process patent and holds a degree in Business Administration.