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Legitimate Email? Phishing Scams we are Monitoring

During the last week, StarPoint Advantage has been monitoring the rise of spoofed emails received by clients.
You may have noticed emails from “American Express (AmEx)”  ending up in quarantine and, for those that are spoofed more cleverly, in your inbox.  See this example:

On first glance, you see the AmEx logos and links to what look […]

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Microsoft Windows 10 Upgrades Are Coming: What You Need to Know for Business & Home

10 years of support is a great thing, which contributes to why Microsoft‘s Office Products are included in StarPoint Advantage‘s trusted Technology Stack*.  In just a few weeks, Microsoft will be releasing Windows 10 as a “free upgrade to existing Windows 7, Windows 8.1 and Windows Phone 8.1 devices within a year of its release.”  (Chowdhry, […]

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Mozilla (Firefox) is now blocking Flash by Default

If you are one of our clients using Firefox (including us) at home or at work, it’s likely you’ve already noticed this image on your computer when accessing the Web.  This message comes up for  screen for all websites using Flash:
“Mozilla has blocked Flash on its popular Firefox browser. A message now appears saying that […]

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