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Monthly Archives: June 2015

Is the “Get Windows 10” update icon in my computer notification tray real or have I been hacked?

An new icon showing up at the bottom of Window 7 + users’ computers screens have some worrying that the alleged free upgrade might be a phishing attack, but rest, assured, the icon is real – and so is the free copy of Windows.

While users are not yet able to download the new Windows update […]

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Hackers see 1425% Return on Investment from these 2 Hacks

As your strategic partner and informed advocate in IT, StarPoint Advantage strives to keep you apprised of the threats to your company’s data. You could face these threats at any time, and working together with your IT services group (such as StarPoint Advantage) has shown to be the best defense against the rising tides of malware.
The […]

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Office 365’s Intelligent, New Email Policy

It happened quickly in an intense moment of passion.
You had just returned from a vacation to find over a hundred emails in your inbox. Determined to peel through them all, you took a shot of espresso and set out on email deletion rampage. One trashed email quickly turned into two, which then exploded into dozens. […]

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