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Small Business Communications: How to avoid being a human bottleneck in the workplace

No one wants to be in the way of others. Sometimes you might not even realize that you’re causing a problem when you’re busy at work, focused on your own project. But if you take special care to communicate clearly, you won’t become a human bottleneck.
This post originally appeared on the Sandglaz blog and was […]

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Are “Traditional Back Ups” for your business’ data enough?

Is backup necessary? Absolutely.
Is backup enough? Absolutely not.
From our Starpoint Advantage Technology partner, DATTO, see the top ten reasons why Intelligent Business Continuity surpasses traditional backup. StarPoint Advantage seeks out partners such as DATTO, who have proven results for securing your company’s data, conducting daily tests to assure data integrity, and fast data restores in […]

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Data Security: The dangers that lurk within USB devices

USB devices, commonly used to copy, store and share data, have also been known as a prime place to carry malware, or malicious software, from one computer to another. But that’s not the end of the story: researchers argue that USB security breaches don’t just originate from bad software, but from the fundamental core of […]

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