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5 Things Every Business Owner Should Know About Office Moves and Technology

Moving your office or opening up a new location is one project that requires ample lead time, lots of patience, and a well thought-out plan.  There are many factors you must take into consideration such as location, access to public transportation, lease negotiations, and space planning; But what about technology?  Today, technology is the lifeblood […]

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One Big Way Your Mobile Phone Could Be Open To Hackers


Original story from NPR:  AllTechsConsidered Online
Read below or listen online here.
[excerpt from NPR article:]  There is a hole in mobile security that could makes tens of millions of Americans vulnerable.
Despite the fact that every major Internet provider has added some kind encryption to its services over the past year, tracking your online traffic is easier than you […]

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10 Easy Ways to Save Money With Technology

Easy-to-use programs, apps, and products work to save your wallet.
Many of these suggestions are a part of StarPoint Advantage‘s Technology Stack; programs and products that consistently perform and have good value–not only in price but in their customer support and overall implementation. We feature some of examples of those here.
Here are 10 easy and practical […]

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