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Monthly Archives: April 2014

Why the Growing Internet Will Create Problems For You

As more people around the globe gain access to the internet, the volume of communication and commerce increases.  So does the frequency of attacks on servers and websites.  As the speed of the internet increases, so does the ability for these hackers and attackers to target multiple sites or increase their efforts on a single target. […]

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10 of the Biggest Trends in Technology For 2014

Damon M. Banks, Freelance writer for the Huffington Post and Public Relations director, in his February 10 article “10 Biggest Trends in Technology” states, “It’s often difficult to keep up with the rapidly developing technology industry, as new items and groundbreaking technologies are introduced to the market almost on a daily basis. Not only staying up-to-date […]

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The Effects of Multitasking on Your Relationships- Business & Personal

Part of StarPoint Advantage‘s charter is to demonstrate expertise and be informed advocates to assist you and your business accomplish its goals.  In today’s blog, we wanted to show you in words how to tackle challenges you face in the course of conducting business by focusing your efforts to maximize your efficiency, then, through actions, […]

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