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Monthly Archives: March 2014

Your Email via “The Cloud” – Why MS Office 365 could be a viable option

You may have heard about Microsoft Office 365 and are wondering how it could be used in your business.  StarPoint Advantage has several clients who have moved to this platform (part of StarPoint’s technology stack) because of the flexibility it has afforded them.
While Office 365 offers new features and services, it also comes with a […]

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Integrating socially responsible business policies and practices can offer tremendous benefits to your business while making a positive social and environmental impact.

Community involvement  is not just a way to support local businesses or the people within your city; it’s an ethos of personal conduct that StarPoint Advantage takes to heart.  We know that from our customer service to our community service, what we do impacts others – as well as ourselves.
Below is a great article that […]

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Tips to keep your email free of spam

StarPoint Advantage is about helping our clients become more knowledgeable on the programs they have installed on their machines and impart best practices for helping manage their workflow better.  A large portion of clients’ work is devoted to email so we look for quick tips to help you through your busy schedule to become more […]

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