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Reducing Inbox Clutter: Part 1 – Clean Out

In line with providing the StarPoint Advantage, we partner with trusted technology companies in order to provide our clients with the best and most economical options for their businesses.  In this blog in a 2-part series, one of our StarPoint partners, Intermedia, discusses tips to reduce inbox clutter.
Founded in 1995, “Intermedia is the premier provider […]

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Common Technology Terms You May Have Heard Of

One thing we hold dearly at StarPoint Advantage is helping bridge the gap in communication with our clients.  We know that it can be challenging for technical people to speak in terms that the general public, as well as those not used to the jargon or semantics found in technology, can relate to and comprehend.
The […]

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StarPoint Advantage is HIPPA Certified!

One of the protocols that StarPoint Advantage must follow as a vendor having contact with PHI, or “Protected Health Information” is to ensure HIPPA’s requirements are being adhered to with emails, the principal entity’s website (i.e., the client), information saved to the cloud, etc.  If we are negligent, our client could be held liable, at […]

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