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Monthly Archives: June 2013

Securing your WiFi Network

“Locking your wireless network is as important as locking your home. Learn how and why to create strong passwords for your network and router. Learn more in this informative video here:
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“Securing Your WiFi Network.” YouTube. YouTube, 26 June 2013. Web. 28 June 2013.

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Food for Thought: The Fate of Tablet Devices are in Question Once Again

Many of our clients have been purchasing tablets for their personal use.  Beyond walking you through the configuration of your work email account to your personal tablet, StarPoint Advantage will refer you to your tablet vendor for support  since it is a personal purchase.  However, consider the life expectancy of a tablet:   New models […]

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WINDOWS SERVER 2012: What You Get By Upgrading your Server

by Vic Holguin, Senior System Administrator, StarPoint Advantage

Because most people are only aware of their firm’s server by the way it interacts with their computer desktop, or the screen of their smartphone, the advantages of Windows Server 2012 are not immediately visible.  Here are the top three reasons “behind the scenes” why an upgrade to Server 2012 is […]

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