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Public Wifi – PITFALLS


Starbucks, airports, and hotel rooms–where are the most common places you connect to a wifi service?  Perhaps you’ve tried out a “free” or “public” wifi when you saw it pop up on available networks?  BEWARE:  This is one way that hackers intercept your information.  And it could also happen at Starbucks! Check out this […]

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Malware and Virus Protection Guidelines

StarPoint learned recently of a firm receiving a call from “Windows” requesting access to a computer by clicking a link  sent by email.  Luckily, there was a problem with the email transaction and the firm’s employee suspected fraudulent activity and hung up the call.  This is yet another example of malevolent entities trying to gain […]

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Long Live the Creative Cloud

Adobe’s Creative Cloud, once optional, is now the only way to get access to the latest versions of the company’s software.
Software as a service has been gaining popularity over the year. Now adobe has embraced that model and will use it moving forward.

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