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Monthly Archives: February 2013

Tablet Buyers’ Guide

Over the last year, we’ve found our clients are purchasing tablets at a frantic pace.  They’re excited for technology that allows them the flexibility of working with court, home, office, or a coffee shop without the bulk of a laptop which includes many more functions that applications (“apps”) provide yet on a more user-friendly size […]

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Worldox Native iPAD App

Worldox has a great iPAD app that is free. You must have either Worldox version GX2 or GX3 installed on one of your servers. You also need to purchase Worldox Web Mobile. And of course, you need to be a Worldox user within the application.
Once you meet these requirements you can enjoy working with your […]

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Cheat Sheet for Dragon: Naturally Speaking12

“Dragon NaturallySpeaking is a speaker-dependent system, meaning that it trained to recognize the voice of a single user and cannot distinguish speech from more than one speaker.”1  It’s not used for transcribing meetings but is used for a single user to expedite documentation by saving step (not typing) to create a document.  We find that […]

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