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Starpoint Advantage / Mama’s Kitchen Holiday Food Drive

MK Holiday Food Drive

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The Telephone – What’s Old Is New Again

Online Article by Susan Van Dyke, columnist for Slaw, Canada’s Online Legal Magazine
November 14, 2012
Turn away from e-mail and pick up the phone.
Lately I’ve found myself starting to draft a lengthy e-mail, and then realizing I ought to just make a quick phone call instead. It may sound silly, but if you’re like me, when […]

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Preview Microsoft Office 2013

If you spend a considerable amount of your working life drafting documents, as most lawyers do, the idea of “upgrading” your productivity software can be frightening. With briefs and pleadings to write and deadlines looming, who has the time to learn a whole new interface for Microsoft Word?
But as much we might want to keep […]

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