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Monthly Archives: October 2012

Better Passwords Don’t Make us Secure: Best Practices Advice

By: Michael Quibell

I’ve been reading other posts about LinkedIn, the passwords database dump and the pundits out here and there saying things like “use longer, complex passwords” or “passwords are dead, use pass phrases”.
Can I ask you folks…How effective is it to do something different to avoid something… after the fact?

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October 2012 e-Waste Recycling Event at Starpoint Advantage

During the week of October 22nd-26th, we asked our clients to gather their old electronics and encourage their employees to bring any electric waste that have been accumulating in their homes. We had a terrific response with over 11 companies and their staff participating to reduce office clutter.
One of our e-Recycling partners, Recycle San Diego, […]

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iPad Mini: Everything you Need to Know

Whether you are looking to purchase a smart tablet such as the iPad, Nexus or Kindle, to add additional functionality to your business transactions or for entertainment, or wonder if a tablet is a good device to have, this article from Gizmodo can help you in your decisions – or at least educate you in […]

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